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Structural Modelling and Deceleration Algorithm for a Follow Aircraft on Performance-Based Navigation Airway Based on Multi-Agent Technique

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Cybernetics and Information Technologies
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Considering the operation characteristics of the high-speed PBN airway, we propose an aircraft agent structural model and a basic algorithm flow of decision-making by Multi-agent technique. According to the constraint of safe separation and speed with the aircrafts, making use of the car-following theory, the deceleration constraint model is built for a flight management system. When the front aircraft decelerates, the model can offer a speed adjustment proposal for the following aircraft. The model is built based on the minimal safe separation and speed interval constraint; each variable, influencing the deceleration of the following aircraft can be analyzed. Simulation analysis is carried out for different combinations of aircraft types, initial speed, safe separation and deceleration. The follow aircraft deceleration was calculated under different conditions and the results coincided with reality. It is proved that the model can provide safe separation between the two aircrafts.

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