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The Influence of Self-Employment on Early-Stage Entrepreneurship in Romania. A Global Entrepreneurship Monitor-Based Analysis

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The self-employment occupational status has a determinant role in the entrepreneurship development, including generally almost all sectors of the national economy. In this paper, we will focus on this topic. The statistical analysis of this occupational status and its implications on entrepreneurship in Romania in 2015 were considered based on the INSE statistical database, followed by an analysis based on a GEM 2015 (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) database regarding the main factors influencing early-stage entrepreneurship. To describe the start-up intention and start-up effort, setting out from the literature, we included a set of indicators into the logistic regression analysis as follows: age, income, gender, education, working status, existence of entrepreneur acquaintances, confidence in one’s own knowledge, skill, and experience, completing the set with the presence of self-employment, as new research suggests it.