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Fracture of Aluminium Joints Bonded with Epoxy Adhesive Reinforced by MMT Nanoparticles


Crack propagation behavior was studied for aluminium/aluminum adhesive joints bonded with two epoxy adhesives: pure and reinforced with clay nanoparticles. The focus was also on the novel use of the constant displacement rate test to study adhesion/adhesives efficiency. The epoxy systems studied were: Epidian E6 produced from bisphenol A and epichlorohydrin, ("Organika -Sarzyna" Poland); pure or strengthened with montmorillonit nanoparticles (MMT). Crack growth rate was estimated for two displacement rates. The nanoparticle reinforced epoxy showed advantage over pure epoxy adhesive (Figs. 4,5). This effect was more pronounced at low deflection rates. The constant displacement rate test was found promising to study microstructural effects in adhesive joints.

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4 veces al año
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Materials Sciences, Functional and Smart Materials