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Influence of Demographic Variables on Academic Staff Performance – A Case Study from South East European University (SEEU), North Macedonia


This study aims to determine the demographic characteristics influencing the performance of Academic staff at the Southeast European University (SEEU). This study employs data from the student evaluation carried out by the students for their respective professors and courses for the Fall and Spring semesters during the academic year 20/21.

A lot of research has been done on demographics and its effect on the professor’s performance, and they point out that demographic attributes can change the rating evaluations, therefore these factors need to be analyzed at SEEU to come to our conclusion.

We assume that middle aged professors, females and single professors receive higher evaluation scores.

In order to analyze the demographic characteristics of the academic staff of SEEU and how they influence student evaluations, quantitative research methodology was used including calculation of frequencies, percentages, means and cross tabulations.

The results of the study show that students generally evaluate with high grades their professors, where the average of the whole questions asked resulted above 4.5, as per Likert scale, 1-5. Furthermore, the general results of the academic staff according to the demographic characteristics such as age, experience in teaching, academic title, gender and marital status for each academic staff do really show differences in student evaluation values. This is an important thing to know when recruiting and retaining academic staff that appear to be highly appreciated by students especially because that results from higher teaching quality.

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