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Biweekly Magazine “White Eagle” as an Example of the Implementation of Polish-Language Media Project in the United States


The article describes the idea of creation and development of Polish biweekly magazine “Biały Orzeł” (“White Eagle”), originated in Boston in 2002/2003 by the White Eagle Media LLC publishing house. The periodical, which has been published until today, was at the time one of the largest projects in the segment of so-called ethnic media in the United States. The work’s aim is to present the title’s history, identify factors affecting on creation of the Polish diaspora press, diagnose components determining the success/failure of the project, as well as local conditions that had a direct impact on decision to launch described press title. The methodology used in the implementation of this material includes in-depth interviews with project co-founders (publishers and journalists) carried out over 2017 and 2018, executed jointly on a group of 9 people, providing quality data from staff directly involved in described publishing project from its very beginnings. A valuable source of data was also open access to archives of the “White Eagle” hard copies, dated between 2003 and 2008.