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Changes in Brand-Related Consumer Loyalty in the Current Pandemic Context

   | 26 may 2021


The current medical crisis and, implicitly, the economic one, generated by the Covid-19 pandemic have brought increased attention to the issue of brand-related consumer loyalty, as loyal consumers are the safest and most stable source of profit in the current economic and social context. It is well-known that there is no equality between the notions of consumer satisfaction and loyalty. The two notions are not synonymous, as consumer satisfaction is only a relative, but not sufficient condition to obtain consumer loyalty. This paper aims to take a systemic approach in discussing the issue of brand-related consumer loyalty, starting from the inputs, respectively the favorable factors that lead to consumer attraction, retention and, finally, to the desired output, respectively to their loyalty. The whole approach will be supported by the use of secondary data sources that will be used in order to pinpoint some essential aspects of the changes that took place in 2020 in what regards the consumer’s attachment to the brand.