The mechanism of mesenteric injury in blunt abdominal trauma involves compression and deceleration forces which result in a spectrum of injuries that range from contusions to tearing of the bowel wall, tearing of the mesentery, and loss of vascular supply. Hemoperitoneum is a major sign of severity in abdominal trauma, which, in most cases, requires emergency surgery.

Our patient showed that the diagnosis of mesenteric injury should be considered even in patients who sustain only minor abdominal trauma. In this case the patient’s symptoms were suggestive only for the orthopedic lesion and not for the hemoperitoneum.

Trans-scapho-lunate dislocation fracture is a rare lesion that may go unnoticed at initial assessment in a polytraumatized patient. A delay in the diagnosis and treatment of a scaphoid fracture may alter the prognosis after consolidation.

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