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“Studia Pedagogiczne”: its relationship to changing times


For almost seven decades, “Studia Pedagogiczne” has witnessed the development and transformations of Polish pedagogy. The first issue was published in 1954. The period between 1954 and 2018 has been a time of global change, and also change in Poland, affecting all spheres of life, be it political, economic, social or cultural. The journal accompanied those transformations and documented many of them, and so it also serves as evidence of these changes. The purpose of this presented text is not to analyse the content of the journal. Instead, it is to approach the topics discussed in it, the areas tackled by the authors and the changes in the perception of the educa­tional reality in Poland from the perspective of passing time and with consideration of their variety.

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Social Sciences, Education, Theory and History of Education, Education Systems, other, Specialist Studies in Education