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Researches on the Welding Behaviour of Two Brands of High-Alloy and High-Efficiency Electrodes Used to Charge High Wear Parts


The research performed and presented in this paper, aims to verify the welding behavior of electrodes developed experimentally, as well as the possibility of their use in production. A group of two electrodes produced by Bohler Company, Gridur 24 and B.M.N were taken as reference, in order to compare them in terms of the mechanical properties of the deposited metal, with the experimentally developed electrodes EICr12Fe and EIMn13SiFe. They were made determinations of the chemical composition of the deposited metal with the two types of electrodes, measurements regarding the hardness of the metal deposited, comparative determinations of the structure of the weld deposit, and of the welding penetration, determinations of the deposition yield and verification of the welding behavior.