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Introducing Environmental Technologies in Industrial Fuel Combustion Processes


Atmosphere pollution is a complex and worldwide process carried out for a long period of time. Greenhouse effect, global warming and acid rain are only some examples generated by atmospheric pollution. Experts discovered a strong motivation on finding solutions for reducing pollutant emissions caused by atmospheric pollution. Transport activities and fossil fuels combustion are the main concern on environmental pollution, more than that, they are used in industrial processes, being the main cause of environmental pollution.

We have to understand that global pollution is causing the main effect on economic and social challenges of each country, a fact that will be hard to change in the future, and every small step will help for a better and healthy environment. Sebes and Zlanta city, from Alba regions, were the areas that draw our attention for studying the level of atmospheric pollution for a period of 5 years. We made periodic determinations on emission level for SO2, CO, CO2, NOx and writing down periodic reports. The measurements were made in industrial areas for Zlatna and Sebes city and in urban areas in Alba-Iulia city. Traffic environment was the main issue discovered after this research. The concerning was on industrial pollution for the cities of Sebes and Zlatna. The final part is offering solutions on reducing gaseous emissions in particular for economic operators and for the industries as well. This research is particularly aimed at emissions reduction like SO2, CO, CO2 and also for volatile organic compounds. Directive 2008/50/CE concerning ambient air quality were the main sources where we started on our research targeting on reducing atmospheric pollution.