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Surge-type Uisu glacier and its undisturbed forefield relief, Eastern Pamir, Tajikistan


The surge-type Uisu glacier and its forefield in the Tajik part of Eastern Pamir are described. To this end, 1977–2019 Landsat satellite imagery, the DEM, and a high-resolution orthophotomap were used, and detailed geomorphological mapping was carried out. The results show that the present-day position of the terminus of the studied glacier results from a surge that occurred before 1947. Currently, the glacier is losing mass. However, despite the visible characteristics of its thawing, the extent of the terminal zone has remained stable for several decades. Outside the glacier, there are no glacial landforms. This indicates that advances of surging glaciers may not create any surge-diagnostic features in their forefields. On the other hand, the genesis and interactions of landforms can reveal glacier surge, even in the absence of terminal and lateral glacial landforms.

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