High entropy alloys (HEAs) have been in focus of scientist for past few years owing to their predicted scratch, corrosion and temperature resistance and also to interesting magnetic properties. They are usually prepared by arc melting of at least 5 pure elements. This article deals with electrodeposition of such five-element alloy from water bath, which have not been yet reported. The HEA coating consisting of Fe, Co, Ni, Mn and Mo or Zn was successfully electrodeposited on steel, copper and other metallic substrates. Substrates were polished and treated by sonication in acetone prior to electrodeposition. Obtained thin layers were documented by optical microscopy and SEM techniques. Their exact composition was determined by EDS and XRF analysis. Scratch and accelerated corrosion tests were performed to asses their resistance properties. Electrochemical properties were determined by measurements of polarization curves.

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