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Nematicidal Activities of Saccharin and Erythritol Against Pinewood Nematode


The pinewood nematode (PWN), Bursaphelenchus xylophilus (Steiner & Bührer), causes pine wilt disease (PWD) resulting in severe environmental damage to pine forest ecosystems worldwide. To develop alternative strategies for managing PWD, the nematicidal activities of two sweeteners, erythritol and saccharin, were investigated. Among these two sweeteners, saccharin induced higher mortality in a dose-dependent manner. The LC50 and LC90 values of saccharin were estimated to be 0.321 M and 0.615 M, respectively. However, erythritol did not exhibit nematicidal activities. The results of our study demonstrated that saccharin is lethal to PWN and shows nematicidal effects in a dose-dependent manner. Although the mechanisms of saccharin toxicity are not yet investigated, saccharin could be used as an effective alternative for the management of PWN.

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