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Experimental investigation of an unusual induction effect and its interpretation as a necessary consequence of Weber electrodynamics

   | 22 dic 2021


The magnetic component of the Lorentz force acts exclusively perpendicular to the direction of motion of a test charge, whereas the electric component does not depend on the velocity of the charge. This article provides experimental indication that, in addition to these two forces, there is a third electromagnetic force that (i) is proportional to the velocity of the test charge and (ii) acts parallel to the direction of motion rather than perpendicular. This force cannot be explained by the Maxwell equations and the Lorentz force, since it is mathematically incompatible with this framework. However, this force is compatible with Weber electrodynamics and Ampère’s original force law, as this older form of electrodynamics not only predicts the existence of such a force but also makes it possible to accurately calculate the strength of this force.

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