This paper presents a "smart" clothing product implemented as a jacket that contains sensors, a processing unit for display and interaction. The system has the ability to remotely read the data provided by the sensors, ensuring the monitoring of several parameters of the wearer.

The following characteristics have been considered: body temperature and humidity, atmospheric temperature, pressure and altitude, the heart beat and number of steps converted into the number of calories consumed and traveled distance.

The data is acquired and processed by an Arduino AT Mega 2560, via the I2C bus, digital ports and analog to digital converters, depending on the type of sensors. The processed information is printed on a 128x64 pixel display. To be able to view more pages of information, one can interact with the 4-key keyboard that has been connected to the digital input ports or through a proximity sensor, which will function as a gesture sensor.

The processed information can also be accessed from a web server, built on the ESP8266 Wi-Fi module, connected to Arduino's TX/RX lines. A mobile phone or another device can connect to the Access Point and open a web page which displays the values of all sensors, as well as other information. The embedded system was inserted on a jacket and wired according to the sensors and modules usage.