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Study on the Mapping of Research Data in the Republic of Moldova in the Context of Open Science


The Open Science concept represents a new approach to the way in which scientific research based on cooperation and new ways of knowledge dissemination is carried out and organized, using new digital technologies, new tools for collaboration, and R&D infrastructure to ensure open access to research data.

This study uses data collected in May - July 2018 within a survey that aimed at investigating the scientific data ecosystem in the Republic of Moldova. Findings show that, although there are some concerns about the loss of property rights and copyright infringement in case of sharing and open access to research data, Moldovan academia is ready to provide access to research data. The research has highlighted that a new challenge is needed to solve scientific data issues by creating new type of infrastructure to ensure data retention, broad access to research results for the purpose of their dissemination and use, and creating new research opportunities based on research data.