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The Singapore Mediation Convention and International Business Mediation


The article deals with the International Business Mediation and Singapore Mediation Convention on enforcing cross-border mediated settlement agreements. Mediation, as an alternative dispute resolution method, is widely preferred by parties with disputes in many countries. For this reason, in relation to ADR methods including mediation, both in Anglo-American Law and in Continental European Law, various technical and legal arrangements have been made. Mediation Laws in the EU have become one of the regulations bringing out rules that are in conformity with the new developments reflected also in the Singapore Convention on Mediation. Harmonisation initiatives in the EU and in the global world are not confined to intergovernmental activities. The same is also currently ongoing in the field of unification. Also, the private business sector, less restricted by jurisdictional boundaries, is increasingly driving harmonisation in mediation practice and law. As applicable national mediation law is often the same for cross-border and domestic applications, the Singapore convention introduces a contemporary definition of mediation procedural law and offers positive factors that shape it globally. Relevant national and international aspects are presented throughout the first part of this study, with specific sections on international business mediation and international instruments of private international law.