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Two Notes to Syntaxa Names Stemmed from Polish Geobota Nical Studies

   | 22 may 2013


This paper comments on nomenclature of the name Piceion excelsae of Pawłowski et al. (1928), which should be preferably referred using the form “Piceion excelsae Pawłowski ex Pawłowski et al. 1928”. In the author’s opinion, the definition of Recommendation 46D in the current International Code of Phytosociological Nomenclature (author citations with “ex”) needs to be revised to define alternatively the difference in contrast to Recommendation 46C (author citations with “in”): to highlight the difference at the place and time of the valid publication of the name handled. The equally aged name “Fagetalia sylvaticae Pawłowski ex Pawłowski et al. 1928” is invalidly published. The oldest validly published homonym found should be ascribed to Walas (1933).

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