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Computed tomography log scanning – high technology for forestry and forest based industry


Heterogeneity in the tree trunks’ shapes and quality is not often reached fully using raw material potential in grading processes of tree and stand and the following sawmill processing.

Therefore, optimization of given processes is a current topic of research and is part of the operational practice. In the contribution we submit a survey of solving the given problems in the European and Slovak conditions. A significant impulse for solving problem at a new level is a significant progress in the field of industrial computed tomography. New and fast CT scanners have been developed and they enable to increase valuation by 15% in coniferous trees and by 24% in broadleaf trees. In the contribution we analyze period of returns of CT scanner’s implementation into the sawmill process within Slovak context for small, medium-sized and big sawmills. Results show that period of returns for big sawmills is approximately for years, for medium-sized sawmills is eight years when processing coniferous softwood or three to eight years in case of broadleaved processing. In the final synthesis we present a concept of interlinking the 3D scanner and technologies of laser woodcutting with the outcomes allowing to optimize stand grading and maximize profit of the given raw wood in the sawmill processing.

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