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A New Wooden Supply Chain Model for Inventory Management Considering Environmental Pollution: A Genetic algorithm

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Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences
Special issue: “Recent advances on supply chain network design”


Nowadays, companies need to take responsibility for addressing growing markets and the growing expectations of their customers to survive in a highly competitive context that is progressing on a daily basis. Rapid economic changes and increasing competitive pressure in global markets have led companies to pay special attention to their supply chains. As a result, in this research, a mathematical model is proposed to minimize closed loop supply chain costs taking into account environmental effects. Thus, suppliers first send wood as raw materials from forests to factories. After processing the wood and turning it into products, the factories send the wood to retailers. The retailers then send the products to the customers. Finally, customers send returned products to recovery centers. After processing the products, the recovery centers send their products to the factories. The considered innovations include: designing a supply chain of wood products regarding environmental effects, customizing the genetic solution approach to solve the proposed model 3-Considering the flow of wood products and determining the amount of raw materials and products sent and received.

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4 veces al año
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Computer Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Software Development