Recently, due to the increasing awareness of communities regarding environmental issues and environmental regulations, companies have evolved to provide products with lower prices and better quality to retain and attract customers. Economics should also pay attention to environmental goals. Therefore, it is essential to provide a supply chain model that can consider both economic and environmental objectives. In this paper, the green direct supply chain network is presented to an automotive company, including five suppliers, primary warehouses, manufacturing plants, distributors, and sales centers. The objectives of this model are to minimize the total cost of construction, transportation, and the amount of carbon dioxide emissions during forwarding network transportation at all levels. The proposed model is also drawn using the weight method, which is one of the methods for solving multi-objective problems, and the solution of the model part. Ultimately, it has been discussed how much the automobile company should focus on reducing carbon dioxide so that managers can determine the best solutions from the Pareto border according to their organization’s priorities, which can be environmental or financial.

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