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Innovation in tourism as a model of recovery in the postpandemic period


The COVID-19 virus pandemic has influenced tourism policy makers to change their decisions and management methods due to the new challenging situation. The inability to establish normal tourism business, due to difficult mobility of tourists and unfavorable epidemiological situation, has led to finding various innovative solutions that could help improve results in tourism. In addition to improve the current situation, the innovations introduced during the pandemic were aimed at bringing certain changes in the coming period, when the tourism industry is not burdened by the pandemic, which will accelerate the growth of the tourism economy. The main goal of this paper is to point out certain models of implementation of innovative solutions, which could affect the more dynamic development of tourism in Montenegro. The subject of research in this paper are innovations in tourism and their application with special reference to Montenegro. Montenegro has not yet fully recognized the importance of introducing innovations in tourism, so the next period should be dedicated to their implementation. The tourist offer of Montenegro should be enriched by the introduction of new specific forms of tourism, in order to adequately meet the demands of the main emitting markets. In addition to the innovative tourist offer, solutions should be sought in the integration of digital and virtual technologies into marketing functions, because the modern tourist business is increasingly relying on these technologies. Research has shown that it is necessary to work on creating new strategies and plans that will more studiously deal with this issue.