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The Effect of the Increase of Tobacco Tax on 1st of June 1982 on the Length of Cigarette Butts in the Federal Republic of Germany - Die Auswirkung der Tabaksteuererhöhung vom 1. Juni 1982 auf die Länge der Zigarettenstummel in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

   | 06 ene 2015


The butts of cigarettes of different origins and product categories (35 383 in all) were examined. Evaluation of the results according to filter and plain cigarettes shows that because of the tax increase in 1982 the butts were shorter than those of previous years. A similar reaction on the part of the smoker to higher tobacco tax had already been established in a previous investigation. The actual length of the butt in the Düsseldorf and Ruhr area was 33.24 mm and 26.70 mm in the case of filter and plain cigarettes respectively. Since 1978/1979 the butts were on average 0.4 mm and 1.3 mm shorter for filter and plain cigarettes respectively.

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