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The Effect of Perforated Tipping Paper on the Yield of Various Smoke Components

   | 26 jul 2014


An investigation is described concerning the effect of tipping perforations on the yield of a variety of smoke components. The degree of ventilation covered the 20-70 % range. Tipping ventilation reduces the amount of air drawn past the cone during the puff and thereby compresses the thermaI profile of the cone. The yield of gaseous smoke components which have unique precursors is a function of time-at-temperature conditions in and near the cone and the effect on the yield differs between precursors as the amount of air flow is varied. Compounds that depend on distillation or sublimation to get into mainstream smoke are much less affected by tipping ventilation, i.e., condensation of these materials onto smoke particles becomes more efficient as the air flow past the cone is reduced and less particulate smoke is produced

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