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Scatopsidae (Diptera) reared from graminoid plants in the Czech Republic, with description of a new species of Swammerdamella


Ten species of Scatopsidae (Diptera) have been reared from tussocks of 7 species of Cyperaceae, 2 species of Juncaceae, 4 species of Poaceae and from dead specimens of 1 species of Typhaceae gathered in meadow, boggy meadow, alder forest and shores of a pond and a montane brook from 3 localities in the Czech Silesia (Czech Republic). One of them, Swammerdamella jindrichi Haenni sp. n. is described as new. Information is given for the first time on the sites of development of immature stages for several species, notably of genera Ferneiella and Thripomorpha.

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