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First Cavernicolous Population of Crumomyia Parentela (Séguy, 1963) and a Review of Cave-Dwelling Fauna of Sphaeroceridae (Diptera) in the Czech Republic


Crumomyia parentela (Séguy, 1963) (Sphaeroceridae) is recorded from the Czech Republic for the first time, based on specimens collected in the cave Cyrilka in the Moravskoslezské Beskydy Mts. They are affiliated to subspecies C. p. alpicola (Roháček, 1980) but because of more reduced eyes and shorter wings than have other specimens known from the Alps and Carpathians this population is concluded to have survived as a glacial relict in the cave habitat for a long time. The cavernicolous fauna of Sphaeroceridae in the Czech Republic is surveyed and its members (15 species) are classified according to their affiliation to the cave milieu. No trogloxenous or troglobiont species were found; most species (12) are hemitroglophilous and only 3 are troglophilous, viz. Crumomyia p. alpicola, Herniosina bequaerti (Villeneuve, 1917) and Terrilimosina racovitzai (Bezzi, 1911). It is presupposed that some additional hemitroglophilous, possibly one more troglophilous but no troglobiont species could be found in cave systems in the Czech Republic in the future.

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