In line with the concept of sustainable development, the paper deals with the issue of environmental education and training to increase the awareness of tourism participants of their own responsibility for the practical implementation of sustainable tourism. The aim is to map the behavior of tourism participants and to propose some sustainable behavior principles in the form of a miniguide. The motto of the miniguide is not to simply see travel as just fun, or passive source of information, but as an incentive to learn about nature, culture and customs of local people, to promote and deepen language and other skills, including active protection of the environment. The miniguide might also be an incentive to sustainable tourism development. An important aspect of putting the principles of sustainability into practice is to publish and disseminate these principles so that they become freely available to the general public. That may be through information materials, educational signs, social networks, etc. Spreading awareness of the need to protect nature and the countryside will help to make people aware of their own responsibility for our common future.

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