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Exploring the Construction of Curriculum System of Theater and Film Studies Based on ADDIE Model

   | 03 jun 2023


In order to develop a first-class major in theater, film and television and achieve the goal of “cultivating artistic talents”, this paper believes that the development of the discipline should focus on “creativity” and “originality”. Therefore, a new understanding of the profession and theoretical innovation in academic research should be realized, and an educational system more in line with the essence of art education should be established. The research is based on the ADDIE model and the course “Theatre, Film and Television” as the carrier to explain the teaching design of Theatre, Film and Television professional courses. Procedures and methods in the five stages of analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation ensure local adaptation in the course design and development process and tailoring to the actual teaching and learning. We will build an ADDIE teaching design model for drama, film and television courses, and conduct systematic teaching design research and teaching case practice for drama, film and television courses to ensure the positive development of teaching quality. Through an operationalized guidance model in order to improve the standard of course design and enhance course system construction. More than 80% of the students expressed the hope that the ADDIE model could continue to be used in the teaching of drama and film.

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