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Spatial planning layout design of national land in the context of rural revitalization based on MOLA model


In the context of the comprehensive implementation of rural revitalization strategy, ecological protection and sustainable territorial spatial pattern are important elements of spatial planning and ecological civilization construction. With this as the starting point, this paper can use spatial analysis, hierarchical analysis, entropy method, integrated learning and other technical methods to divide the national spatial evaluation units under the MOLA model. Carry out spatial suitability evaluation of national land based on double constraints as well as spatial planning and design. The test results show that the villagers’ trust in the implementation of rural revitalization policies reached 78%, and most of them agree more with various policies on rural construction and development, which illustrates the necessity of territorial spatial planning in rural revitalization. The research data have good score validity when the observed variable of the questionnaire under the experimental test is greater than 0.4, which indicates the spatial planning layout under the proposed model. On the basis of mastering the current situation and problems facing rural revitalization, it not only proposes an effective path, but also scientifically adjusts and optimizes the space of rural areas, providing a boost to promote the construction and sustainable and healthy development of new rural areas.

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