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The modernization strategy of constructing teacher-student relationship in the new era of universities

   | 02 jun 2023


Teacher-student relationship is the most central relationship in educational activities, and without high-quality teacher-student relationship, there is no high level of educational activities. In the new period of social development, the outstanding problems in teacher-student relationship have attracted wide attention of public opinion. This paper takes a full-time comprehensive higher vocational college formed by the merger of several specialized colleges as the target of the study, from which a valid target sample is selected. Based on the idea of SHIFU algorithm and greedy algorithm to construct the teacher-student relationship recognition model, we use XGBoost (eXtreme Gradient Boosting) for optimization. Based on the four types of teacher-student relationships identified, a systematic strategy for building modern teacher-student relationships is structured from three aspects: society, school, and teachers and students. The following data were obtained by applying the proposed strategy to the target institutions: the values of the number of students answering questions and solving problems in the experimental class were 46.88% and 40.99% of the total number of students, respectively, which were 4.87% and 5.56% higher than those in the control class. The value of the number and frequency of cooperative exchanges between teachers and students in the experimental class is 52.76% of the total number and frequency, and the satisfaction rate between teachers and students is 49.57%. And the control class is only 44.16% vs. 39.77%. The number of students completing their homework in the experimental class was 95.82%, and the average assessment score was 64.16, which was higher than that of the control class. The strategy has a modernist philosophical orientation and a practical quality, which can make the teacher-student relationship in the new era present a state of moral clarity, intimacy and harmony.

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