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Analysis of the factors influencing the development of college students’ Civic Science course based on ISO model

 y    | 02 jun 2023


Civic course is an important guarantee for college students to form a correct outlook on life, values and worldview, and the construction of college students’ civic course is one of the key tasks in the construction of college curriculum system, so the analysis of the influencing factors on its development becomes an inherent requirement for the reform of college civic course. Based on the ISO (International Standardization Organization) model and the gradient theory, this paper applies the neural network method to combine the associative memory model with the fuzzy comprehensive judgment to make a comprehensive analysis of several influencing factors that affect the development of college students’ thinking and political education and propose an effective evaluation method. The case study shows that the proposed evaluation method based on the ISO model not only promotes the smooth development of college students’ civic course, but also provides some reference for the teaching diagnosis and improvement of college civic courses, which has an important role and significance.

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