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A multi-factor Regression Equation-based Test of Fitness Maximal Aerobic Capacity in Athletes

   | 15 jul 2022


Sports performance is one of the important indicators to evaluate athletes, which reflects the level of physical exercise. In recent years, our national physical quality has been declining and the physical health of young people is unsatisfactory. In order to improve the quality of national health, promote the harmonious development of society and cultivate students' awareness of lifelong fitness, it is necessary and far-reaching to study the most important factors affecting human physical fitness. Sports performance is an important indicator to evaluate athletes, and sports performance is closely related to the level of physical fitness, so the most basic and valuable thing for sportsmen and women is to ensure their body fat and physical fitness. In recent years, with the rapid economic development, social progress and improvement of people's quality of life in China, fitness in such a fiercely competitive environment has become more and more important. Therefore, in order to better promote the national physical health problem to be solved as soon as possible we must do a good job of national fitness program, which can provide more talent support and intellectual support for the national sports career and improve the national physical fitness. In this paper, through the statistics and analysis of athletes' physical health test data, we can provide more talent support for sports programs.

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