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Animation VR scene mosaic modeling based on generalized Laplacian equation

   | 15 jul 2022


In order to improve the technology based on the existing animation scene stitching modeling, the animation scene stitching modeling is further studied combined with Laplacian equation. The algorithm uses wavelet transform to decompose the animation scene, and then obtains the low-frequency coefficients and high-frequency coefficients of the animation scene; For the high-frequency coefficients, the splicing rules based on the comparison and screening of the convolution results of two Laplacian template operators are adopted; For the low-frequency coefficients, the splicing rule based on Laplace sharpness evaluation function and 8-neighborhood local variance is adopted; Finally, the inverse wavelet transform is used to obtain the diffuse scene mosaic modeling. The experimental results are analyzed combined with subjective and various objective evaluation methods. The results show that the improved algorithm has better splicing effect than the traditional splicing modeling. Animation scene splicing modeling has the advantages of rich edge information and high scene definition.

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Life Sciences, other, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, General Mathematics, Physics