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Analysis of the Teaching Quality of Physical Education Class by Using the Method of Gradient Difference


In order to have a more in-depth understanding of the current classroom efficiency and quality of physical education classes, the author uses the extreme difference method to analyze the teaching quality of physical education. Train the network with a large number of classified samples, so that the network system with analysis ability can objectively evaluate the teaching quality of teachers; The Labview software tool is used to solve the calculations of the sigmoid function, the gradient descent method (δ learning rule), and the mean square error used in the algorithm, so that the constructed model can realize self-learning and evaluation functions. We designed an education quality evaluation model for the characteristics of education quality evaluation. Based on previous research and practice, we have compiled an evaluation index system that includes 3 primary indicators and 10 secondary indicators. As a result of conducting experiments based on this index system and the quality evaluation model of education, it became clear that this model is effective.

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