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Comparative analysis of CR of ideological and political education in different regions based on improved fuzzy clustering

   | 21 oct 2022


Vigorously developing ideological and political education (IPE) is the only way to boost talent training, and scientific and technological progress, and lead to the upgrading of the economic structure. Therefore, by analysing the internal relationship between the current social and economic growth and the development of IPE in colleges, this article introduces the investment of IPE into the social production function model where the gravity search method is used to optimise fuzzy clustering, and the classified data sets of each province in China are determined by genetic algorithm. In addition, the calculation model of contribution rate (CR) of IPE in different regions based on an improved fuzzy clustering algorithm is established, and the influence of IPE on regional economic development in eastern, western and central regions is compared and analysed, which is helpful to realise the optimal allocation of educational resources in China.

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