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VR-based computer maintenance practical training platform development design and application research

   | 23 dic 2022


The development of computer maintenance has now become the focus of attention in the education sector, standing in the overall situation of economic, social and educational development, to comprehensively improve the level of computer maintenance education, and teaching quality has become an important measure to meet the new round of technological revolution and industrial change. The traditional teaching model has not been able to adapt to the industry and enterprise demand for job competence, with the development of VR technology computer maintenance training platform. This study uses the NTM-VR model as the theoretical basis and incorporates the data of traditional practical training platform and VR practical training platform into the model for analysis and calculation. The calculation results show that the acceptance of the VR practical training platform by college students is quite high at 67.4%, much higher than 32.6% of the traditional platform. And under the uniform learning intensity, the learning outcome based on the VR computer maintenance practical training platform is 76%, much higher than that based on the traditional computer maintenance practical training platform of 24%.

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