The stability and high quality of electricity are the basic factors which ensure that the residents and enterprises lead a happy and productive life. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of residents’ life and enterprise production, it is necessary to improve the efficiency and accuracy of power grid fault diagnosis. In this paper, the knowledge graph is integrated into the power grid fault diagnosis, and the fault diagnosis system of the knowledge graph is constructed to realise the fault diagnosis of the power grid. The article first completes the knowledge graph construction through knowledge extraction, knowledge fusion and knowledge processing; then, it completes the construction of the fault scheduling knowledge graph through power grid equipment fault records, entity attribute extraction, coreference resolution, relation extraction, relation screening and data integration; finally, combined with the fault information knowledge analysis technology, it builds a power grid fault diagnosis system using a knowledge graph. Experiments show that using the system to diagnose the fault quantity, fault location and fault analysis information of the pilot power grid not only has ideal efficiency but also has high accuracy.

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