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Case application data research of traditional ink art elements in packaging design

   | 24 ago 2022


With the continuous progress of society and the development of economy, the packaging design has also become a fierce competition for eye-catching products and because of the situation of more and more fierce competition of similar products, it prompted more and more designers to start a new Examining of their own national traditional ink art, which hope to absorb nutrients from traditional cultural elements, so as to enhance the cultural connotation and unique personality of the product, and this traditional ink art is the emotion with a long history accumulated in the hearts of the public. It has guided the public’s lifestyle and aesthetic trends for a long time. The inheritance and transcendence of traditional ink art has become the only way to explore and develop national characteristic packaging design. Starting from the processing of ink image primitives, this paper analyses the pixel colour segmentation algorithm of ink image, extracts various elements and length and width parameters of ink image for line rendering based on packaging design, and calculates the vectorisation of ink image through bilinear difference algorithm. The latter design parameters are used to highlight the artistic design effect of the ink-wash style packaging.

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