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Evaluation and Comparison of Respiratory Symptoms and Lung Capacities in Tile and Ceramic Factory Workers of Yazd


Tile workers are exposed to dust particles and are susceptible to multiple pulmonary complications. Problems like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary symptoms, and silicosis are more common among them. As there are many tile factories in Yazd, we decided to evaluate the respiratory symptoms and lung capacities in these workers and compare them with controls.

This study included 176 tile and ceramic factory workers occupationally exposed to dust and 115 unexposed workers as controls. We recorded the respiratory symptoms using the British Medical Research Council questionnaire and measured lung capacities of the two groups.

All study subjects were male, and the two groups were comparable in age and smoking. The exposed group had frequent respiratory symptoms and a significant relationship between them and duration of employment. In addition, lung capacities in ceramic workers with symptoms were lower than in workers without the symptoms.

Even though the respiratory symptoms were more frequent in the exposed group than in controls, lung capacities of the two groups were similar.

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