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Evaluation of the damage and reinforcement of the foundation in a ten-storey multi-purpose building in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

   | 05 ago 2022


The research work examined the evaluation of the damage and reinforcement of the foundation in a ten-storey building in Rivers State. The following tests: deep boring test, standard penetration test, boreholes sampling, and crack monitoring by Demec gauge have been carried out to check all kinds of damages related to a strong connection with the ground since the behaviour of the ground determines the stability of the building foundation and the long-term performance of the building. Foundation failures have a major impact on the performance of the building structure. If the base is not stable and moves easily, distortion and deflection will occur. It causes damage to the structure, such as cracks in walls, beams, and floors, and becomes a problem for residents. This problem needs to be fixed and corrective work is the option to fix the error. The following recommendations were considered as follows; maintenance of the building and subsoil to avoid deformation and damage to the building structure at least every six months. Periodic on-site inspection is very important to determine if there is any damage to the building structure. The inspection can be carried out at least once every six months or once a year.

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