A new species of entomopathogenic nematodes, Steinernema sandneri n. sp., was recovered by baiting from Poland. Its morphological traits indicate that the new species is a member of the feltiae-kraussei group. A body length of 843 (708–965) μm, a more anterior position of excretory pore (56 μm), and the lower D% value (40 vs > 46) discriminate this species from most of the other group members. The first-generation males of S. sandneri n. sp. can be distinguished from the other clade members by a 60 μm long spicule, a relatively long gubernaculum (GS% = 79), and the position of the excretory pore (80 μm). Phylogenetic analysis of the ITS rDNA, D2D3 of 28 S rDNA, and cox1 sequences confirmed that S. sandneri n. sp. is a new species of the feltiae-kraussei group, closely related to S. kraussei and S. silvaticum.

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