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A draft genome of a field-collected Steinernema feltiae strain NW


Advances in sequencing technologies have accelerated our understanding of the complex genetic network of organisms and genomic divergences that are linked to evolutionary processes. While many model organisms and laboratory strains have been sequenced, wild populations are underrepresented in the growing list of sequenced genomes. Here, we present a de novo assembly of Steinernema feltiae, strain NW, collected from a working agricultural field in south central Washington, USA. Leveraging Pacific Biosciences (PacBio) long reads, we sequenced strain NW to a high depth (99×). The resulting de novo assembly is significantly larger than the previous assembly generated from the laboratory strain SN, with a noticeable improvement in continuity and completeness. Comparative analysis of two assemblies revealed numerous single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), breakpoints, and indels present between the two genomes. This alternative genome resource and annotation could benefit the research community to examine the genetic foundation of evolutionary processes as well as genomic variation among conspecific populations.

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