Populations of Criconemoides parvus, Discocriconemella hengsungica, and Discocriconemella limitanea, isolated in Hangzhou, China from the rhizosphere soil of woody perennials were characterized morphologically and molecularly. The morphometric data of the Chinese populations were compared with populations from other regions of the world. DNA barcoding with the mitochondrial COI gene confirmed conspecificity of Chinese and Costa Rican populations of D. limitanea. Phylogenetic assessment using a near full-length 18S ribosomal DNA sequence provided weak support for a grouping of Criconemoides parvus from China and C. annulatus from western North America. The phylogenetic position of D. hengsungica from China and an unknown species of Discocriconemella from Thailand relative to D. limitanea suggests that the genus Discocriconemella is not monophyletic. The study provides the first record of D. hengsungica in China and confirms the presence of C. parvus previously reported from China. Biogeographic implications of these nematode distributions are discussed.

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