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Ways to Overcome the Implementation Problems of BIM- Technology Related to the National Standards in the Architectural and Building Industry of Ukraine


The paper describes the problems of intentions of the rapid introduction of BIM technologies in the construction industry of Ukraine. The research methodology involves analysis of national building standards, BIM technologies that have already been partially tested and a new logical structure of design processes in the logic of BIM technology in Ukraine. It is proposed to introduce into the design practice a number of actions aimed at harmonizing the key stages of BIM-technologies development with the regulatory framework. The European LOD stages and Ukrainian stages of designing are compared; it is proposed to introduce and gradation enshrine it in state building standards. The correctness problem of competitive tender documentation form for the development of project documentation in Ukraine is highlighted. The issue of the need for a detailed review of European Union standards in terms of national specifics and their gradual implementation in the Ukrainian legal framework was raised. It is proved that the proposed measures will improve the quality of design solutions in terms of economic feasibility and environmental friendliness, and government agencies will be able to qualitatively control all design and construction processes.

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