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GNSS Positioning Performance Analysis Using PSO-RBF Estimation Model


Positioning solutions need to be more precise and available. The most frequent method used nowadays includes a GPS receiver, sometimes supported by other sensors. Generally, GPS and GNSS suffer from spreading perturbations that produce biases on pseudo-range measurements. With a view to optimize the use of the satellites received, we offer a positioning algorithm with pseudo range error modelling with the contribution of an appropriate filtering process. Extended Kalman Filter, The Rao- Blackwellized filter are among the most widely used algorithms to predict errors and to filter the high frequency noise. This paper describes a new method of estimating the pseudo-range errors based on the PSO-RBF model which achieves an optimal training criterion. This model is appropriate of its method to predict the GPS corrections for accurate positioning, it reduce the positioning errors at high velocities by more than 50% compared to the RLS or EKF methods.

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