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Mediation in Different Areas of Chinese Legal Reality – Parametrisation of Selected Terminology


The paper deals with terminological issues in legal translation. The author has researched the process of establishing equivalents for partially equivalent terminology, using the parametrical approach to legal translation. The research consists of the terminological analysis of the texts of mediation regulations formulated in Chinese and Polish. The objective was to establish translational equivalents in the case of significant differences between the legal systems of the above mentioned linguistic area. The research was financed from the research grant no. 2012/07/E/HS2/00678, titled: Parameterisation of legilinguistic translatology in the scope of civil law and civil procedure awarded by the National Science Centre of the Republic of Poland (Sonata Bis program).

Determining the acceptability of functional equivalents in the selected linguistic area is possible by comparison of their semantics with the legal structure in different legal systems and cultures. The author investigates if attributing properties from dimensions relevant in translation to mediation law terms can be helpful in the process of translation.

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