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Determination of Zenith Tropospheric Delay and Precipitable Water Vapor using GPS Technology


In order to be able to be process GPS data, the GPS signal it has to pass the entire terrestrial atmosphere – both neutral atmosphere and ionosphere – which may cause an alteration of the GPS receiver to perform, resulting in large errors in the final position estimate. The dual frequency GPS receivers are affected by the influence of the atmosphere, especially by the troposphere. To estimate the delay caused by the troposphere and to obtain a high degree of accuracy, mapping function has to be used in the estimation process, which opens the door for remote sensing the atmosphere.

Because the wet component from the hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic part, is only 10% of the total neutral atmospheric part, its influence is considerate significant in the application of high-precision positioning in which GPS receivers are employed. The article presents the determination of the precipitable water vapor using relative using four permanent GPS stations. The estimation were done by using the Global Mapping Function - GMF and the apriori pressure and temperature from the GPT2 model.

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