In sports environment there is a whole range of different types of wrongful conduct sanctioned not only by disciplinary bodies using specific rules accepted by the executive authorities of sports organizations but also more serious cases that have to be judged in accordance with criminal law. There has been a long debate whether criminal law should intervene into the area of sport, i.e. whether sport and its environment is in itself such an autonomous system that it could deal with all the matters of criminal nature on its own. The area of sport environment involves a whole range of illegal acts, ranging from criminal liability of sportsmen responsible for injuries inflicted upon others in the area of sport, the issues of hooliganism in sporting events, breach of the public peace as far as the issue of match-fixing including the crimes of bribery and illegal betting. Generally speaking, we are of the opinion that there is no good reason why the criminal law should not be allowed to intervene into the area of sport in certain cases. The basic argument to be used is the fact that every social activity must be carried out in accordance with the legal order of the country, the area of sport being no exception. The area of sport or to be more precise the specific types of sports activities are regulated by special internal and statutory rules introducing certain sanctioning mechanisms in the form of disciplinary rules which can be enforced by different disciplinary bodies.