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Abiotické poškození smrkových porostů ve střední Evropě: příkladová studie sněhových polomů z let 2005–2011 v Moravskoslezských Beskydech / Abiotic damage of spruce stands in central Europe: case study of snow damage from the period 2005–2011 in the Moravian-Silesian Beskids


In the case study from the basin of the Šance reservoir in the Moravian-Silesian Beskids, we examined the differences in the extent of damage in individual winter seasons and differences in the quantity of snow in individual situations. The intensity of damage to predominantly spruce stands was evaluated as the ratio of the number of individual trees damaged in the particular season to the total number of trees in the study plots. The quantity of snow was measured using quantitative parameters of snow cover. The objective of this paper was to describe model scenarios characterised by the expected intensity of stand damage corresponding to the course of winter expressed in quantitative parameters of snow cover on the base of similar/dissimilar situations. Individual winter seasons were thoroughly described in the results. The output is the description of three model scenarios with different intensities of stand damage that differ in the measured values of snow quantity

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