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High-Order Markov Random Fields and Their Applications in Cross-Language Speech Recognition


In this paper we study the cross-language speech emotion recognition using high-order Markov random fields, especially the application in Vietnamese speech emotion recognition. First, we extract the basic speech features including pitch frequency, formant frequency and short-term intensity. Based on the low level descriptor we further construct the statistic features including maximum, minimum, mean and standard deviation. Second, we adopt the high-order Markov random fields (MRF) to optimize the cross-language speech emotion model. The dimensional restrictions may be modeled by MRF. Third, based on the Vietnamese and Chinese database we analyze the efficiency of our emotion recognition system. We adopt the dimensional emotion model (arousal-valence) to verify the efficiency of MRF configuration method. The experimental results show that the high-order Markov random fields can improve the dimensional emotion recognition in the cross-language experiments, and the configuration method shows promising robustness over different languages.

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Computer Sciences, Information Technology